Thank you for viewing my work. Painting found me a few years ago and we have been together since. Since I don’t do too well with formal education and structured learning I’ve spent hours on the net learning and feeding off the massive amounts of material on the subject.

I must acknowledge and thank all those creative people and artists who selflessly share their knowledge and tips on the internet. These are people who put videos and material on the net for others to learn and find their way around materials, techniques and ideas. There are thousands of videos on every genre of painting and its a matter of pursuing and experimenting with the one that most speaks to you.  Its amazing how technology has made the world a smaller place and how sharing information and experience can make the world a brighter one.

I started with canvas and acrylics and have evolved since….actually there have been phases with different materials and techniques and I don’t feel the need to settle into just one style or expression. I usually paint two or three canvases together and while one is drying or evolving, I often switch to the second which is usually turns out to be a totally different pallet and style.

If you like what you see or would like something similar commissioned please get in touch. Use the Contact page to send me a message.

Smile.   Breathe.   Smile.